Botanical Cleansing Grains

Brand: cwhitesell
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Botanical Cleansing Grains
Made with clay's, oats, goat milk and botanicals.
Clays have long been used as skincare. Since ancient times, actually. What is more from-the-earth than earth itself? But if you think clay mask benefits stop at absorbing oil, you are in for a treat.

There are many types of clays used in skincare, with a variety of benefits to skin. Yes, there are the clays great at absorbing oils and clearing pores. Did you know there are also clays that soothe irritation, detox skin, exfoliate, and even offer anti-aging properties? It’s all true.

Coal - charcoal, dead sea clay, glacial clay, turmeric, yarrow and lavender.
Rose - French pink clay, kaolin, clay, bee pollen, marshmallow root, elderflower and rose.
Sage - french green clay, the soul clay, green tea extract, bee pollen, calendula and sage.
Coming soon.
Lavender - cambrian blue clay, kaolin clay, chamomile, lavender and cornflower.

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